Harry Potter (fallen_dark) wrote in secretdoorway,
Harry Potter

[Tag to Sirius]

Draco had been rather... distant lately. Harry should've known it was coming. Sould've expected it, but it meant that he needed to get away a bit more often. Things just weren't the same as they had been before. Things between Snape, and Sirius, and then the two of them were messing things up. Harry knew they were. But he had a trial coming up soon for Sirius, and Draco was as busy as ever with his things... Some space was likely going to do him good.

Now, for instance. It was late. Darkness had fallen around him some time ago. He was sitting down by the lake, staring out over the blackened water. He was tired but not, so he was really just... looking off into space. He'd been feeling kinda weird lately.
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