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Behind the shadows...

... lie your biggest fears

.:Don't Close Your Eyes:....secret doorway
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Secret Doorway
A Harry Potter Roleplaying Game

It's 1997. Voldemort is dead, and the Wizarding Community are molding together the shredded pieces of their past in order to make things right again. But one person who'll never forget, and never forgive, is Harry Potter. He's not the same Boy Who Lived, but a broken part of himself confused and angered at his written-out paths in live.

Meanwhile, Professor Lupin is back at Hogwarts, along with the news of hidden classrooms between the kitchens and dungeon area that are going to be used for his Advanced DADA classes. But after a few weeks of lessons, things start to get a little strange... students go missing, things fly about the room of their own accord and there are sicknesses that can't really be explained... who wants them out of the classroom?

This is just the main plot line. I like roleplays to be open to suggestions by players in the OOC community so we can all have a say at what happens with the story.

1. First and foremost, this roleplay is aimed at mature/adult players. As your mod, I'm very slash friendly, and as far as ratings go - anything goes. So players must be open minded and be prepared for slash/smut/violence/language etc.
2. No OC's. Not yet, anyway.
3. All characters must be IC. ie, Ron wouldn't be bestest mates with Crabbe. You get the drill.
4. Any major plot changes must be discussed with the community - ie deaths, illness etc
5. Try to post as often as you can. I understand if people are ill, are busy at work/uni (like me) but I like dedicated players and I'm not going to waste my time hounding on players who post a grand total of 0 to 1 times.
6. Since it's an adult roleplay, idealy players must be over 16. But, if I like you and you're mature (wink) I'll let you in.
7. All first person entries MUST be posted in your personal journal. Third person roleplays posted in the community, along with owls, reports etc. OOC stuff to be discussed in the OOC community.
8. Asbolutely no ad-libbing or God-modding.
9. Have fun. And don't feel pressured to post every minute of the god damned day!

Characters Needed - Characters in BOLD we would LOVE!

7th, Harry Potter [q.seeker]fallen_dark
7th, Ron Weasley [prefect, q.keeper]
7th, Neville Longbottom
7th, Seamus Finnigan [q.chaser] irelands_best
7th, Dean Thomas
7th, Hermione Granger [head girl]
7th, Lavender Brown
7th, Parvati Patil
6th, Colin Creevey
6th, Jack Sloper [q.beater]
6th, Ginny Weasley [q.chaser] rebelious_red
5th, Dennis Creevey
4th, Geoffrey Hooper
4th, Andrew Kirke [q.beater]
4th, Victoria Frobisher
4th, Natalie McDonald [q.chaser]
3rd, Euan Abercrombie

7th, Draco Malfoy [prefect, q.seeker] silverdraconis
7th, Blaise Zabini [q.chaser]blaizin_zabini
7th, Vincent Crabbe [q.beater]
7th, Gregory Goyle [q.beater]
7th, Theodore Nott nott_nice
7th, Pansy Parkinson [prefect]
7th, Millicent Bulstrode darktraces
7th, Daphne Greengrass [q.chaser] withlove_daphne
7th, Morag MacDougal
4th, Malcolm Baddock [q.chaser]
4th, Graham Pritchard [q.keeper]

7th, Justin Finch-Fletchley [q.keeper]
7th, Ernie Macmillan [head boy]
7th, Daniel Chambers [q.chaser]
7th, Hannah Abbott [Unknown LJ tag]
7th, Susan Bones [prefect]
7th, Saphire Fawcett
6th, Zacharias Smith [q.chaser]
6th, Jonathan Summers [q.beater]
4th, Owen Cauldwell [q.beater]
4th, Kevin Whitbey
4th, Eleanor Branston [q.chaser]
3rd, Laura Madley
3rd, Rose Zellar [q.seeker]

7th, Terry Boot [q.chaser] __hiding
7th, Anthony Goldstein [prefect, q.beater]
7th, Padma Patil [prefect]
7th, Mandy Brocklehurst [q.seeker]
7th, Sally-Anne Perks
7th, Lisa Turpin [q.chaser]
6th, Michael Corner [q.beater]
6th, Luna Lovegood auclairdelalune
4th, Stuart Ackerly [q.keeper]
4th, Orla Quirke [q.chaser]

School Staff
Headmaster : Albus Dumbledore
Defense Against The Dark Arts : Professor Lupin moonlit_fear
Teacher's Assistant: Bill Weasley dada_assistant
Potions : Professor Snape [Slytherin head] severely_git
Transfiguration : Professor McGonagall [Gryffindor head]
Charms : Professor Flitwick [Ravenclaw head]
Astronomy : Professor Sinistra
Divination : Professor Trelawney
Herbology: Professor Sprout [Hufflepuff head]
Ancient Runes : Professor ?
Arithmancy : Professor ?
History : Professor Binns
Muggle Studies : professer ?
Care of Magical Creatures : Professor Hagrid [keeper]
Flying Instructor : Madame Hooch
Librarian : Madame Pince
Matron : Madame Pomfrey
Caretaker : Mr Filch
Quidditch Coaches: Fred and George Weasley

Sirius Black shuckydog
- on request

please send all application forms to cherry_electric@hotmail.com

Age: (please be honest)
Have you ever played in a roleplay before? If so, as who etc:

Name of character:
House (if student):
Date of Birth and age:
Personality traits:
Physical appearance:
Name of PB (person on your icon - no fanart):
1st person example entry:
3rd person example entry:

Good luck applying!
- Teri, your resident Moderator <333