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open tag [19 Feb 2005|07:09pm]

Draco stood outside in the courtyard directly above the Slytherin dungeons, watching little droplets of rain fall from the moss covered stone benches opposite. It had stopped raining heavily a while ago, but his hair and clothes were still wet, and rather uncomfortable. But something about the smell and stillness after a heavy rainstorm calmed him, so he decided to stay for a little while.
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open tag [13 Feb 2005|07:41pm]

[ mood | depressed ]

Draco had been... not so much avoiding Harry than giving the other boy his space - time to breathe and think about things, without suffocating him, or coming on too strong. He was the one who made the mistake, and he knew he had to suffer the repurcussions alone.

Sliding his due-in books over the counter to Madame Pince, Draco tapped on the table top and looked around the silent library, wondering if it would be a good idea just to curl up in one of the private study rooms and be alone for a while.

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[04 Feb 2005|08:20am]

[ mood | crushed ]

Draco stared blankly at the forest in the distance, the cold brick of the wall he was sitting on causing his legs to go numb. It would be so easy, so easy to jump from here - the Astronomy Tower world famous suicide spot...

Oh, don't be so melodramatic, you ponce!

Draco snarled angrily and fumbled with his cigarettes, pulling out yet another and sparking up. He had never hated himself more than he hated himself now. Sure, Harry and he had been having problems, but was cheating on him really the right thing to do?

I never do the 'right' thing, anyway.

Taking a long, shakey drag, a few angry tears ran down Draco's cheeks as a dawning realisation fell over him: Harry would never forgive him for this. Never. He had no one.

Somehow, turning and running off with the remaining Death Eaters seemed like such an appealing idea.

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[03 Feb 2005|08:39pm]

Harry was devastated. Totally and utterly devasted. He knew it was getting later in the evening... and he knew he wasn't supposed to be out this time of night lest he get caught. But he really couldn't have cared less about that at that particular moment. Why?

Draco had cheated on him. After everything that had happened, all their words and nights together... Draco had messed around with Terry Boot. And not only that... but Harry had caught him. Very, very easily. It was almost like he had wanted to be caught... Somehow that made things infinitely worse.

Tears were still making their way down Harry's cheeks in the occasional spurt, but he was doing his best to hide it from the few passers by. So long as he didn't see anyone that he knew... everything would be okay. So long as he didn't see anyone that he knew...
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[Tag to Sirius] [23 Jan 2005|09:57am]

Draco had been rather... distant lately. Harry should've known it was coming. Sould've expected it, but it meant that he needed to get away a bit more often. Things just weren't the same as they had been before. Things between Snape, and Sirius, and then the two of them were messing things up. Harry knew they were. But he had a trial coming up soon for Sirius, and Draco was as busy as ever with his things... Some space was likely going to do him good.

Now, for instance. It was late. Darkness had fallen around him some time ago. He was sitting down by the lake, staring out over the blackened water. He was tired but not, so he was really just... looking off into space. He'd been feeling kinda weird lately.
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tag to terry [18 Jan 2005|10:20pm]

[ mood | calm ]

After a relatively hectic morning, followed by an even busier afternoon, Draco decided to retire to the library for some quiet reading in one of the empty study lounges, telling Harry he'd be back later that evening. Not only did he feel they both needed some space, he was beginning to feel a bit guilty about the amount of time (or non-time) Harry was spending with his Gryffindor friends. And this is why he encouraged the other boy to go and visit them in his respective common room.

Settling down in a large, comfortable chair, Draco placed his reading glasses on and propped open the book Severus had got him for his birthday and began to read silently.

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tag to harry [16 Jan 2005|11:05am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Draco woke up quite early that Monday morning, blinking sleepily as he dropped a lazy kiss on Harry's shoulder before stumbling silently out of bed, heading in the general direction of the bathroom.

Half-asleep, he stood under the shower, trying to get his muddled thoughts into some sort of order. Unfortunately, his thought processes were about as coherent as: 'shower, teeth, clothes, food...hmmmm'.

After a few minutes, he stepped put of the shower, cursing under his breath as he banged his elbow on the wall while reaching for a towel to wrap round his waist. And that is when his brain started working properly.

"Harry!" Draco yelped, running out of the bathroom and nearly sliding on the mat on the way out. He glanced at his clock and panicked. 10 a.m.

Classes started exactly one hour ago. Shit.

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Tag to Severus [09 Jan 2005|05:31pm]

Wandering through the corridor leading towards the Potions classrooms, Draco carried some Advanced Potions texts in his arms, planning on going in for a chat with Severus, the books just a minor distraction in case he ran into anyone he knew - he could just tell them he was going to study.

Draco hadn't seen his Potions Master since the night Harry had forgotten his birthday. He supposed some of the things that the older man had told him could be true, considering the attitude Harry had been taking recently. Sighing, Draco made his way into the largest classroom, the one used only for Advanced students, hoping to find Severus inside.
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Open Thread [09 Jan 2005|09:17am]

It was strange how it always worked. The moment Harry found happiness, there was something different to be miserable about. He had gotten together with Draco... and everyone else had rejected him for it. Sirius had come back... Draco was utterly miserable and Sirius wanted him to dump him. Things just always had this way ot screwing up life for Harry. And people wondered why he was always the way that eh was. This was why.

His hands were shoved in his trouser pockets as he wandered his way through the lower levels of the school. He was nearing the defence classrooms, but he wasn't about to enter them. Not after everything that had happened. Draco would kill him, and Harry would probably end up dead or something. He had certainly gotten close enough the last time. For now he was just thinking. Being in the area to try and think through what had happened and how. Also, secretly, he was hoping to see Sirius. Not that Sirius would be out in the open... but Padfoot certainly could be. He knew how Sirius got restless when he was caged... and this sort of area would be ideal.

Not that Remus would let padfoot wander the halls in the school. Sighing softly, Harry rubbed at his scar. It had been throbbing all day, and it was really starting to give him a headache.
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Open Tag [07 Jan 2005|08:37pm]

[ mood | depressed ]

It was raining again.

Ginny hunched her shoulders and shivered inside her cloak, thinking that it had been a mistake to come outside on such a disgusting day. But she'd needed it. Needed to get away from everything--everyone--for a while and just think.

So far she hadn't come up with much of anything. She felt like she was going mad, and not just because of what had happened with Remus. Everything seemed so surreal to her, and she'd begun missing time again. Not long hours like she used to, but brief snatches, a few minutes at most. As far as she knew she didn't do anything during those times, but she was scared nonetheless. More frightening was the small part of her that revelled in those lost moments, that enjoyed the freedom of being not there.

But Remus... she still couldn't quite believe the way he'd treated her. He acted as if what they'd had meant nothing. She hadn't expected things to turn out any differently, really, but she had expected... something from him. An explanation. Anything would've been better than his inadequate, "I'm sorries"--as if saying it could ever be enough.

With a sigh she settled on the steps of the castle, sheltered beneath the large arch of the front doors. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back, letting the rain wash over her face. But she could never be washed clean. No matter how hard she tried, she always felt dirty. Impure. Nothing could change that, and apparently everyone knew it. Even Remus.

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open tag [07 Jan 2005|09:39pm]

The snow around Hogwarts had disappeared to be replaced with thick, regular bouts of rain, the kind that would stick around at this time of year and never, ever seem to stop. Draco stood outside the front drive of the school, looking out onto the woods and lake ahead, large black umbrella braced in one hand, cigarette in the other. It wasn't very cold, just muggy, the thick black poloneck and matching black trousers he wore enough to keep him comfortably warm, if not a little damp.

Ever since Harry had told him about Sirius, Draco felt as though he was almost... breaking on the inside. What the older man had told Harry hit home hard, along with the talk with Severus earlier in the week about Harry's strange behaviour. He almost felt at his last tether, not knowing what to do or say... other than submit.

Hm. I've had a lot of practice at that, anyway, right? Draco thought bitterly, taking a long drag. He really should stop this, smoking, it was killing him. But it was too comforting, and what with the modern remedies and certain... magicks he knew of, nothing as trivial as smoking could harm him.

Sighing, Draco peered out at the dull, waterwashed scene ahead, and pretended that everything was alright.
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Open Tag [06 Jan 2005|07:44am]

Remus had been hiding. Ever since Sirius came back, he spent all the time he could elsewhere. He didn't know what to do and he hated that feeling. He hated not being sure about anything. And now he had an even better reason to hide. It was only a few days before the full moon, and he always had a worse temper then.

Remus stood in the middle of the room. The room with the mirrors. He had to find out what was in here, needed to understand it. What if it decided to take Sirius back? That was one of the reasons Remus tried to stay away from Sirius. It never really worked, but he tried. He'd lost Sirius twice so far, and he was so scared that he would lose him again. He knew he wouldn't be able to handle it.

He slowly walked around the room, not touching anything, but looking.
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[04 Jan 2005|07:16pm]

Owl to the Minister of MagicCollapse )
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Tag to Remus [04 Jan 2005|01:27pm]

[ mood | determined ]

Ginny couldn't stand it anymore. She had to find Remus, had to figure out if what Harry said was true. If Sirius was really back--and Ginny hardly thought Harry would lie to her when he'd know how much it would hurt her--then she needed to find out what that meant for her and Remus.

She wanted to believe it didn't mean anything. That they would go on as they had. That Remus would choose her. But she knew that just because she'd trusted him didn't mean that he would live up to that trust. She and Remus had only been together a few months. He and Sirius had had years and years. And the fact remained that he had not sought her out, had not told her any of this himself. She wondered if he ever meant to, or if she meant so little to him that the instant Sirius came back to him, he forgot she had ever been a part of his life.

It was this thought--angry and hurt and desolate--that forced her into action. Her feet knew the way to his rooms without her even having to think about it. She kept her head down, not looking anyone in the face as she passed through the crowds of students on their way back from dinner. A few minutes' time found her standing in front of Remus's door, trembling but determined. Without bothering to knock, she pushed open the door, ready, if not willing, to learn the truth.

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Tag to Harry [03 Jan 2005|10:44am]

[ mood | worried ]

It was their first Quidditch practice after the break, and Ginny felt as if she'd never sit properly again, they'd been on their brooms so long. She was exhausted and sweaty and wet through from the cold, but as she slid off her broom and helped put the Quaffles away, she decided that she had to talk to Harry, regardless.

She didn't know what else to do. It'd been over a week since she'd seen Remus. He hadn't owled her or tried to contact her during that time, and she hadn't seen him in the dining hall either. Ginny had begun to wonder if he was avoiding her, if she'd done something to displease him. Their night together had been...perfect really, and she couldn't imagine what could've happened between then and now to have Remus avoiding her like this. But Harry... he always seemed to know. She didn't want to make a fool of herself by showing up at Remus's door wondering what was going on, so maybe Harry could clear some things up for her. Surely he'd seen Remus since Christmas.

"Harry!" she called out, trying to catch him before he made it to the broomshed to store their equipment. "Harry, wait up!"

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tag to harry [02 Jan 2005|10:29pm]

[ mood | peaceful ]

It was the afternoon after Harry had... surprised him with a belated birthday present, and once again Draco had found himself drawn to the school rose gardens, walking slowly in and out of the narrow lanes, thinking about nothing in particular as he eyed the charmed-healthy roses as he walked by.

Eighteen. Draco was supposedly a man, now. No longer a child, and soon to be out of his teens. Pausing at this thought, he plucked a single white rose from one of the larger bushes and began running his fingertips delicately over the petals.

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tag to harry [02 Jan 2005|06:29pm]

Sirius pulled the covers further over his head and took in a deep breath, smelling the familiar scent of his lover on the sheets and in the room, smiling sleepily at the memories it brought back. It had been a few days now since Sirius had been pulled from the mirrors, and he had not once stepped outside of Remus' quarters. The walls were keeping him safe for now, until he was ready to face the music and see Dumbledore. Not that he suspected the old man did not know something about what had been going on...

Sighing, he tried to get back to sleep, despite the fact that it was four o'clock in the afternoon and Remus wasn't even there... out grading papers in his classroom, or the like. Sirius didn't care. He was too tired to care about anything at the moment.
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[01 Jan 2005|02:55pm]

Harry was in a panic. A total and utter panic. He felt so horrible about what had happened the previous night... and now things had gotten ten times worse, based on the owl that had just swooped in his window not an hour ago. It had been Draco's birthday.

Not only had Harry messed up and wound up walking out, but it had been Draco's eighteenth birthday. That made everything so, so much worse. And so now he was scrambling to make it up to Draco in any way that he possibly could. It was hard when it was last minute, and he knew that Draco was down with Severus and would be back any minute... but he was trying his best.

Beware the smut that will followCollapse )
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[30 Dec 2004|02:00am]

Bill was sitting at the desk in his bedroom. He had sent a note to Hannah to join him as soon as possible. Over the Holidays, Bill had spent Christmas at the Burrow, but came back the next day, missing Hannah too much. He heard a knock at the door. "Come in." he said loudly, inviting Hannah to come in.
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Tag to Draco [29 Dec 2004|06:37pm]

Essays. Essays. Oh how Severus loathed Essays. Especially when said essays were written by Hufflepuffs who were only in their second year. So little tallent... so little knowledge. The little rodents knew so little yet believed they knew so much more. The lack of potential was rather disgusting. Even in that group the Slytherins lacked the proper initiative it would take to do well in this class.

He drew another thick lined 'X' through multiple lines of this essay, and then failed the student, moving along to the next. The stack of those that didn't meet his standards was getting taller... those that even met them only being about five tall.
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