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It was their first Quidditch practice after the break, and Ginny felt as if she'd never sit properly again, they'd been on their brooms so long. She was exhausted and sweaty and wet through from the cold, but as she slid off her broom and helped put the Quaffles away, she decided that she had to talk to Harry, regardless.

She didn't know what else to do. It'd been over a week since she'd seen Remus. He hadn't owled her or tried to contact her during that time, and she hadn't seen him in the dining hall either. Ginny had begun to wonder if he was avoiding her, if she'd done something to displease him. Their night together had been...perfect really, and she couldn't imagine what could've happened between then and now to have Remus avoiding her like this. But Harry... he always seemed to know. She didn't want to make a fool of herself by showing up at Remus's door wondering what was going on, so maybe Harry could clear some things up for her. Surely he'd seen Remus since Christmas.

"Harry!" she called out, trying to catch him before he made it to the broomshed to store their equipment. "Harry, wait up!"
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