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Ginny couldn't stand it anymore. She had to find Remus, had to figure out if what Harry said was true. If Sirius was really back--and Ginny hardly thought Harry would lie to her when he'd know how much it would hurt her--then she needed to find out what that meant for her and Remus.

She wanted to believe it didn't mean anything. That they would go on as they had. That Remus would choose her. But she knew that just because she'd trusted him didn't mean that he would live up to that trust. She and Remus had only been together a few months. He and Sirius had had years and years. And the fact remained that he had not sought her out, had not told her any of this himself. She wondered if he ever meant to, or if she meant so little to him that the instant Sirius came back to him, he forgot she had ever been a part of his life.

It was this thought--angry and hurt and desolate--that forced her into action. Her feet knew the way to his rooms without her even having to think about it. She kept her head down, not looking anyone in the face as she passed through the crowds of students on their way back from dinner. A few minutes' time found her standing in front of Remus's door, trembling but determined. Without bothering to knock, she pushed open the door, ready, if not willing, to learn the truth.
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