Harry Potter (fallen_dark) wrote in secretdoorway,
Harry Potter

Dear Minister,

I write to you in hopes that you will hear my plea and help me in my cause. I've done my best for you, now I would like the same in return.

I have a great deal of evidence to prove that one Sirius Black is innocent of the charges laid against him, and that Peter Pettigrew is in fact the one who murdered those muggles, and condemned my parents to death. I have seen Pettigrew on multiple occasions both before, and during the battles, even though he is supposed to be dead. I would be completely willing to come forward under Veritaserum to make this statement.

Peter Pettigrew is alive, and is responsible for the deaths of many. And still he walks free, whereas Sirius Black is persecuded for crimes that he did not commit.

Anything that you need fo me to complete this claim and clear Sirius Black's innocence, you need but name it, and I will see to it that it is done.

Thank you,

Harry J. Potter
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