Draco Malfoy (silverdraconis) wrote in secretdoorway,
Draco Malfoy

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The snow around Hogwarts had disappeared to be replaced with thick, regular bouts of rain, the kind that would stick around at this time of year and never, ever seem to stop. Draco stood outside the front drive of the school, looking out onto the woods and lake ahead, large black umbrella braced in one hand, cigarette in the other. It wasn't very cold, just muggy, the thick black poloneck and matching black trousers he wore enough to keep him comfortably warm, if not a little damp.

Ever since Harry had told him about Sirius, Draco felt as though he was almost... breaking on the inside. What the older man had told Harry hit home hard, along with the talk with Severus earlier in the week about Harry's strange behaviour. He almost felt at his last tether, not knowing what to do or say... other than submit.

Hm. I've had a lot of practice at that, anyway, right? Draco thought bitterly, taking a long drag. He really should stop this, smoking, it was killing him. But it was too comforting, and what with the modern remedies and certain... magicks he knew of, nothing as trivial as smoking could harm him.

Sighing, Draco peered out at the dull, waterwashed scene ahead, and pretended that everything was alright.
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