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It was raining again.

Ginny hunched her shoulders and shivered inside her cloak, thinking that it had been a mistake to come outside on such a disgusting day. But she'd needed it. Needed to get away from everything--everyone--for a while and just think.

So far she hadn't come up with much of anything. She felt like she was going mad, and not just because of what had happened with Remus. Everything seemed so surreal to her, and she'd begun missing time again. Not long hours like she used to, but brief snatches, a few minutes at most. As far as she knew she didn't do anything during those times, but she was scared nonetheless. More frightening was the small part of her that revelled in those lost moments, that enjoyed the freedom of being not there.

But Remus... she still couldn't quite believe the way he'd treated her. He acted as if what they'd had meant nothing. She hadn't expected things to turn out any differently, really, but she had expected... something from him. An explanation. Anything would've been better than his inadequate, "I'm sorries"--as if saying it could ever be enough.

With a sigh she settled on the steps of the castle, sheltered beneath the large arch of the front doors. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back, letting the rain wash over her face. But she could never be washed clean. No matter how hard she tried, she always felt dirty. Impure. Nothing could change that, and apparently everyone knew it. Even Remus.
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