Harry Potter (fallen_dark) wrote in secretdoorway,
Harry Potter

Open Thread

It was strange how it always worked. The moment Harry found happiness, there was something different to be miserable about. He had gotten together with Draco... and everyone else had rejected him for it. Sirius had come back... Draco was utterly miserable and Sirius wanted him to dump him. Things just always had this way ot screwing up life for Harry. And people wondered why he was always the way that eh was. This was why.

His hands were shoved in his trouser pockets as he wandered his way through the lower levels of the school. He was nearing the defence classrooms, but he wasn't about to enter them. Not after everything that had happened. Draco would kill him, and Harry would probably end up dead or something. He had certainly gotten close enough the last time. For now he was just thinking. Being in the area to try and think through what had happened and how. Also, secretly, he was hoping to see Sirius. Not that Sirius would be out in the open... but Padfoot certainly could be. He knew how Sirius got restless when he was caged... and this sort of area would be ideal.

Not that Remus would let padfoot wander the halls in the school. Sighing softly, Harry rubbed at his scar. It had been throbbing all day, and it was really starting to give him a headache.
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