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Draco woke up quite early that Monday morning, blinking sleepily as he dropped a lazy kiss on Harry's shoulder before stumbling silently out of bed, heading in the general direction of the bathroom.

Half-asleep, he stood under the shower, trying to get his muddled thoughts into some sort of order. Unfortunately, his thought processes were about as coherent as: 'shower, teeth, clothes, food...hmmmm'.

After a few minutes, he stepped put of the shower, cursing under his breath as he banged his elbow on the wall while reaching for a towel to wrap round his waist. And that is when his brain started working properly.

"Harry!" Draco yelped, running out of the bathroom and nearly sliding on the mat on the way out. He glanced at his clock and panicked. 10 a.m.

Classes started exactly one hour ago. Shit.
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