Harry Potter (fallen_dark) wrote in secretdoorway,
Harry Potter

Harry was devastated. Totally and utterly devasted. He knew it was getting later in the evening... and he knew he wasn't supposed to be out this time of night lest he get caught. But he really couldn't have cared less about that at that particular moment. Why?

Draco had cheated on him. After everything that had happened, all their words and nights together... Draco had messed around with Terry Boot. And not only that... but Harry had caught him. Very, very easily. It was almost like he had wanted to be caught... Somehow that made things infinitely worse.

Tears were still making their way down Harry's cheeks in the occasional spurt, but he was doing his best to hide it from the few passers by. So long as he didn't see anyone that he knew... everything would be okay. So long as he didn't see anyone that he knew...
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